Why are you running for president?

To get the blood-west out of its post-war death spiral, which was started by the British Rhodes Mafia.

The British and Jews made a pact with the devil to burn down Europe in return for world domination. Their world is bankrupt. When boys have gender dysphoria and want to chop off their reproductive organs, what legitimacy do the victors have in the eyes of their own children? When boys are growing breast tissue and need bras, what future does a people like that have?


How do we get out of the death spiral?

We must rehabilitate Hitler. 

There are six elements to the atrocity propaganda. 1) That Hitler invaded Poland. 2)  That he started WWII. 3) That he holocausted the Jews. 4) That he gassed the Jews.  5) That he was a warmonger. 6) That he wanted to conquer the world.

These anti-Hitler slurs are all meant to demonize Hitler, nationalism, and the values of nationalism, in favor of, nation-wrecking British (now Zionist) imperialism.

Empires hate nationalism and nationalists. If Hitler was the greatest nationalist in history, empires would regard him as the most evil man in history.

1) Hitler did not invade Poland. Hitler EVICTED Poland out of Prussia. Prussia is Germany. Self-defense is exculpatory. Hitler did nothing wrong.


2)  The British declared war on Hitler for evicting a foreign power out of Germany.  The British started WWII. Hitler did not start WWII.

The British conquered 10 percent of the world and the Rhodes Mafia wanted all habitable lands under British control, including all of Africa, South America, and to end American independence through secret society infiltration (which they have achieved thanks to British founding stock acceding to British recapture.)


3)  All of Hitler's moves into France, Denmark, Greece, North Africa were defensive moves to check British invasion. Hitler did not try to conquer the world.

Likewise, the invasion of the Soviet Union was a preemptive strike to destroy a planned Soviet invasion of Europe by the British ally.


4) Holocaust means death by fire.  Americans burned Japanese boys and girls alive in the firebombing of Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Those were Holocausts. The British and  Americans firebombed Dresden and Hamburg and dozens of other German cities. They burned German boys and girls alive in a dedicated effort of child sacrifice and human sacrifice. These violated centuries old European laws of war. The British and Americans committed holocaust after holocaust from Dresden to Japan, to Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq.

Jews were not burned alive. The official story concedes that. Hitler did not holocaust Jews.

The British and Americans holocausted Germans and Japanese. Germans suffered the Holocaust.

So, why do they call a gasacaust is a holocaust. To shift the blame to their victims. No matter what, by definition, Jews did not suffer a holocaust.

The British and Americans want to blame the victims of their atrocities for their atrocities, twisting history and moral responsibility to save face and legitimacy.

Just as the British and Americans lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, gas in Syria, they did it first with Hitler. They lie to pull the heartstrings of the sappy public which needs its daily dose of drama.

5) Was there a gasacaust? Jews were deloused, not gassed. That explains the use of lice-killer Zyklon-B, the shaved hair, and the piles of clothes.  Work camps are not death camps. Legions of Jewish survivors of multiple "death" camps testify to their treatment as forced laborers. That's not a gasacaust or a holocaust. The Jews and their Allies of Jews were fighting for communism, which is the slavery of Gentiles to Jews. Gentiles have every right to imprison gulag-pushing Jews out for Gentile slavery. Gentile have a right to be free of Jewish or British slavery. The allies, phony liberators, used German prisoners of war as slave labor post-war.  Jews wanted to enslave Gentiles with communism. Hitler enslaved Jews to fight communism. The British and Americans wanted to genocide Europe; starting with Germany. Clemenceau said, "there are 20 million too many Germans." 

Chickens don't survive a slaughterhouse. Jews don't SURVIVE DEATH camps. When you have tens of thousands or even millions of holocaust survivors, who really died? The Red Cross says some a few hundred thousand of natural causes and various deprivations of war.  Again, that's not a holocaust or a gasacaust. The war was started by the British. They are responsible for all the deaths of the war, including, any Jews. One has to wonder why Jew lives matter to these self-righteous liars and warmongers. 

If you were going to industrially destroy Jews, you would use steam, if you wanted to use gas. More likely, you would have them fall into a pyramid from three stories up, grind up the bodies, boiled the mush to separate liquids from solids, then burn the solids, and treat the liquid as waste water. That's how real engineers would process millions of Jews on an industrial scale. The hyperbole coming out of Jew-Aligned Powers does not fit the evidence.

There is no evidence of industrial scaling mass murder, except, that of the US and British intentional targeting and firebombing of civilians populations in both theaters of war.

Hitler did not gas the Jews. 

If Jews were really gassed, why are their memorials cheap ugly monstrocities with masonic codes, such as the 17,000 stones at Treblinka's SYMBOLIC CEMETERY? By their indisputible memorials, you shall know the truth.  They have created a finger-knot that we must get out of.  The holocaust happened numerous times and was perpetrated by the dishonorable British and American who targeted civilians; which violated the laws of war. We can affirm the holcoausts and we must. We must also recognize the perpetrators.


Problems breed problems. Solutions breed solutions. Lies breed lies. Truth breeds truth.  You can see how every one of the major anti-Hitler claims collapse under scrutiny.  As such, Hitler is not the most evil man in history.

All the deaths of WWII are the responsibility of the British and their regime; not Germans and National Socialism.

Nation-wrecking will not stop the next Hitler from rising; it will assure it. Thousands of Hitlers across the world are blooming.

6) Hitler wanted peace with the British; as did the Kaiser, Himmler, and Hess; which is why Hess flew to Scotland to get direct contact with the British regime to avoid a prolonged war. The British locked him up and murdered him. Hitler made many efforts to keep the peace or restore the peace. Hitler was not a warmonger.

You can see that all six elements of atrocity propaganda fall to pieces under scrutiny.

They persist because the RULING SCUM is founded on Hitler-hate and needs Hitler-hate to survive. The military industrial complex needs Hitler to be a demon to demonize the next Hitler for the next war. Once the US abandons murder to prop up the value of its oil-based currency, it won't need Hitler-hate anymore. The conventional holocaust narrative certainly reveals character and the system we live in. The historicans, teachers, and pundits are fundamentally dishonest and biased and the system rewards dishonesty and bias. This is why history is policed in the, supphosedly, freest country on earth; and why the regimes it imposed on Europe have liberated no one, but suppress and deny access to the truth for everyone. This is how the deep state death spiral is institutionalized from Oxford on down. 

The axiom of Hitler-hate has to be abandoned. Hitler has to be officially rehabilitated. Once we abandon atrocity propaganda, no one can demonize their opponent (AOC) as the next Hitler, or demonize nationalism, or demonize a foreign leader (Maduro) as a Hitler to start the next war.

Isn't it interesting that they demonize Hitler for aggression, but Zionists demonize their opponents as a Hitler to legitimize their own aggression?

The victors of WWII never had good intentions.  They have produced no great art and culture. Even the Sound of Music is degenerate. They have put the world on a rat wheel of debt slavery, gulag-slavery, mass destruction of the races, and endless wars. Only if we rehabilitate Hitler can we end these endless Zionist wars. That's how we get out of the death spiral. 

We must demand a fact-based history of Hitler free of atrocity propaganda.


Does the USG have legitimacy?

As we can see the US government has no legitimacy. It lies about WMDs, WWII, moon landings, the Twin Towers demolitions, the JFK assassinations, global warming, and many more things. We can't have this.

1) The government is illegitimate because it compulsively lies.

2) The government is illegitimate because it committed the holocausts.

3) If the USG is a corporation, then the US flag is just a corporate logo.  No one signed up for a corporation.

4) The Rhodes Mafia has succeeded in recapturing and directing America with a STEALTH DEEP STATE to serve the British Empire.

5) The USG is a masonic theocracy, which is, British intelligence.  It is not a sovereign government, but a stealth British government.


Our government was cucked from the beginning with MASON WASHINGTON, which is why, our government couldn't resist being revised as a corporation or resist the Rhodes Mafia that pushed the US into WWI and WWII.

Because it is a two-faced regime that conceals its basic nature and purpose, it must lie compulsively.



What will you do as president?

I will delegate the administration to four regional governments.

Each region will have a Board of Trustees to purge out these Zionist agents loyal to Israel and Britain. That will give us back sovereign government.

From there, each region can have its own immigration policy, healthcare policy, and so on.

Nationalism is the precondition of socialism. That is why the Left is politically impotent. They want global socialism which turns everyone off. They are not good faith nationalists who can marginalize the FAKE NATIONALIST Donald Trump.

If you don't understand these things, democrats will just be pissing in the wind trying to defeat Trump. You can call him a pussy-grabber, a racist, and a shameless huckster. It goes through him like booze through a wino. But, call him a FAKE NATIONALIST, and you will see how his support evaporates.


How will you win the Democratic Nomination and beat Trump?


Good faith nationalism beats Little Petey, the RACIST RHODES SCHOLAR serving genocidal British geopolitics. He is an enemy in our electoral process.  FAKE NATIONALIST is doing nothing about him.

Now, if it is wrong to have British agents and infiltrators in our primary, that means we shouldn't have Rhodes Scholars Booker or Boot, or CFR Tulsi, or Wonk Warren. They are all affiliated with the Rhodes Mafia and the cult of British experts. 

We don't need Zionists either because Zionism is a British project. Biden is a warmongering Zionist.

That leaves Bernie Sanders. He doesn't raise any of these issues. He can't even attack Warren. He is a dog without teeth. How can he beat Trump? He is a sweathog socialist who drank vodka in Moscow at the height of the Cold War. He admitted that decision making is his greatest weakness.  If you have a heart attack and still run for president, you aren't making good decisions for yourself or the country. He is a democratic socialist, which traces its lineage directly to Bolshevism. He can't separate himself from that history of mass murder communism. That's why this ad was so effective and left Ana Kasparian and AOC dazed and confused. The Left will always be haunted by Bolshevism.

National Socialism, by contrast, tried to destroy Bolshevism, but the British and Americans saved it. As such, the blood of mass murder communism is on the hands of the flag waving Americans and British; particularly, that of the murders in Asia and Africa that came after WWII.  National Socialists recognize that communism is the slavery of Gentiles to Jew, and that British and Americans love to think of themselves as the real Jews and the slave lords of the world.

 Bernie Sanders is a Jew among Jewish billionaires. Is it proper for Gentiles to have Jews dominate their political process?

We need good faith nationalism with real Gentile leaders that serve us, not the Jews, the British, or their Zionist secret societies.