Those who support multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural societies cannot claim a working model that stands the test of time; one that leads to the actual health and cultivation of the peoples.

There is a reason why this is impossible. A state necessarily aims for one purpose, one people, one blood-culture that must be master of its own territory. Germans are the master race in Germany. How could it be anything else and still be Germany? Only a lunatic would twist words to wring the truth out of that simple state-conception. What is true for Germans is true of Icelanders, or Mexicans, or Philippinos.

Because it is impossible to offer a working model of two or more incongruent races co-existing without the iron rod applied to everyone, advocates of multiculturalism are disengenuous or they must restore to the methods of Stalin to ruin the peoples to keep on the leash of multi-cultural mass suicide.

Politics is racial husbandry, ethno-cultivation, national socialism.

Only National Socialism and its core tenent of volk-teleology can authentically-cultivate the peoples. 

Multi-culturalism, on the other hand, demands the destruction of culture, and thus the peoples subject to multi-culturalism are reduced to goo.

A multi-racial society, a society that looks like the Star Wars bar scene can only appeal to the lowest common denominator (“we all shit brown”).

There is no higher organizing principle to society, nothing that bonds millions together, except vaccous terms, like democracy, which is controlled by those who own and control the media. To make the world save for democracy is to make the world safe for the oligarches who own the major media and news outlets. Who would die for that? Who would die for their lies and deceptions? Only suckers.

This is why the United States and the ruling scum are running out of options. They have run out of cons to keep the country together.

A multi-cultural society cannot appeal or allow itself to appeal to blood (or high culture which counts on blood) as its artistic purpose and driving ideal. Just as there can be no established religion, so as to keep the peace, there can be no established borders, language, art, or culture.

WASPDOM was horrifed at the thought of speaking German. Let them speak Spanish and 1001 other languages.  Babylon breaks down because communities fracture into no-go zones and the society cannot hold itself together. We're at the point where we need to break the US up into themed zones where blood-cultures can emerge once again. That is what is good for the peoples.

Art beautifies the race. Without race, there is no art. 

A multi-cultural/multi-racial society has to collapse into artistic and cultural sterility.

A Star Wars bar scene society plunges into cultural darkness and is subject to intrigue by secret societies and hidden hands, where resources are controlled by dark mafias, with its laughing two-face, of equality and justice, a joke for all to see. That's where we are.

A secret cult controls all and runs the whole show to the deteriment of all. The wheels have to come off such a society. Either it breaks up, or it pulls out the iron rod, which Russia from time to time does to keep its empire together. The United States is doomed to an Iron Fist society, where guns are confiscated, or to break up into ethno-regions that can manage themselves and self-cultivate. The WASP world cannot survive the multi-culturalism it gives rise to.

This is why Germany, in the long run, will be free.

Authentic state-craft is impossible, today, because anything that cultivates one group arouses the resistance of all other groups and necessitates their suppression. This pulls all the peoples down.

Thus, we are in a post-war death spiral caused by the logic of WASPDOM.

Hitler-hate was the only thing that could unites us, and until it couldn't.

The new axiom that #Hitler did nothing wrong marks the end of WASP-Jew world domination.

WASPDOM is the supremacy of equality and degeneracy. No empire can last on that. As soon as the British Empire won WWII, it fell apart. Just as America was said to be the world hegemony in 2000, that illusion is now shattered, in just 20 years.

When Somalis are taking over the heartland, you know this regime has no core, no vitality, no future.

Only a fool would fight for this toxic theocracy.

By multiculturalism, Jews are able to suppress the identity of all others, while enjoying Jewish privilege over Gentiles, in a cosmopolitan culture-designed for them. No one gets to be healthy and strong and exclusive, so as not to kick Jews out.

Taking advantage of their nepotism and hyper-ethnocentricism, Jews can survive cosmopolitanism, while everyone else is washed out.

As such, Jews get the good jobs and get to reproduce; everyone else gets condoms and meth.

In America, no race can be beautiful, except, Jews.

As Jews make a mockery of beauty, beauty itself is cast out of society, in favor, of tatooes, nose-rings, piercings, and mortifying deforming surgeries to bring out mass ugliness.

The world the WASPs fought for indicts itself.

By dint of mass ugliness of all peoples and their reduction to lowest common denominator, flip-flops and stained sweat pants, post-war WASPDOM has nothing to offer the peoples of the world.

Everyone with eyes can, now, see that.

Globalism is breaking down fast.

The next shoe is ready to drop, one bigger than 1989.

The post-war multi-racial world of equality indicts itself in its mass ugliness and perversion that fails to inspire. Shock and revulsion are the main artistic emotions of our culture. America is on fumes.

In its fever for equality, our society is filled with raging hysteria against all superior values: health, strength, beauty, duty, honor, blood, and brilliance.

Out of this comes the crusade against masculinity. In the masonic world, every race has to walk on eggshells, except, Jews. The masonic cult of castration erects its monuments, while its pretense of universal brotherhood melts down before our eyes.

The races do not survive on equality and aprons for all.

Masculinity is the acquistion of the skills and concerns, necessary to, defend and develop one's race and ethnos.

Masculinity is the NATURAL enemy of masonic multiculturalism.

Masculinity, as our masonic theocracy sees it, has to go. Men have to be infantilized by endless schooling. Boys need to be poisoned by vaccines, porn, and ritalin. Transsexuality has to be the new fad, pushed from the top down by the ruling scum, to hold society together before the contradications of masonry explode into an uncontrolled bloodbath.

That is why my presidency is urgent. Only a vision and technique for peaceful separation can avert rivers of blood.

Nature will have the last laugh on the masonic cult of racial castration.

History vindicates Hitler.

History will vindicate Hitler on this, too. It was Hitler who smashed masonry, like no one else in, history.

Sooner or later, the races will rise against masonry and do away with all that supresses them, just as Hitler would have liked it.



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