Leader Perspective

A leader must look at systems and institutions to assure that public resources are wisely used.

Any jackass can believe in free college education for all, but he cannot also do what is best for the community with limited public resources.  A leader must assure responsibility for public assets. Money spent on "education" must provide a decisive economic or cultural return to justify itself.

A leader must look at the sub-prime degree mill as fraud and criminal. Before anyone gives out free degrees, those degrees ought to be full-value degrees. 

No one can justify university degrees in homosexuality, gay studies, feminism, latino studies, or pop art. These are not university level fields. Almost everyone will need a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but no one needs feminism, or a lesson in sensitivity training from transsexuals.

Communists, like Bernie Sanders, haven't done their homework on this. Or rather, because he is a communist, let there be no doubt that he is, he would want full-subsidy of degrees of subversion, to create legions of unemployables, and enrich the filthy rich who know how to tap public cash flow going into bloated universities. This becomes a who-do-you-know racket.

Bernie Sanders will do anything to make life more miserable for the taxpayer.

It is easy to give away free shit. That, literally, is the case with subprime degrees in gay studies or modern art.


Everyone Gets a Flop Degree

Not everyone is intelligent enough to handle college level course-work.  The more people who go the more are bound to fail and flunk out. That's a waste of public resources.

Elizabeth Warren who is a Harvard professor should know that.

Professors have seen declines in academic quality of the student body as access to college has grown. The universities have had to dumb down their requirements and dumb down degrees and add fluff degrees to handle the influx. This devalues the entire point of an advanced degree.

The reality is that less than 15% of the population needs to go to college and those who do should be academic stars and academic standards should be top notch.

Everyone else can get anything they need to learn via the internet, at a fraction of the cost, and self-study at their own pace. That would work best for them.

Elizabeth Warren wants government-funded universal free college public education for everyone.

Does she have any idea that most people hate school? Making it free never motivated anyone.

When you have nothing else to do, no better options, people go to college and graduate school.

That suggests a deeper social, economic, and cultural problem.

What is her real point? She wants to infantilize adults who should be building their lives in the real world. 

Warren wants to institutionalize adults, just as, they were institutionalize from pre-K on.

This is just social engineering guaranteed to bring social devastation: delayed families, INCELS, infantilizing adults, flop degrees, and flop economics. Universities won't be better off giving out degrees to every Tom, Dick, and Harry named Mohammed. They will have to continue to dumb down standards, until, they go extinct for lack of quality. If you don't select for excellence, you are doomed.

Anyone who doesn't want young adults on their own is a degenerate who should be, as far away, from the presidency as possible.

Young adults must beware the enemy of youth that comes bearing gift horses and gift degrees.

Millions have already been lied to by universities. Why make it free and forgive student loans? Because they want you institutionalize and subject to full dominance monitoring and social engineering, subject to sensitivity training and re-education at any moment.

Colleges and universities are the FEMA camps of our masonic theocracy.



Enter the Internet

Because of the internet, knowledge is democratized.

Anyone with modest means can get access to all books on earth in any field of their interest, both university and particular.

The notion that you need to go to academia for information is over.

Subsidizing this fraud, with "free college education," is nothing more than a vast subsidy to the horse-and-buggy industry equivalent of academia. This is totally irresponsible and should kill anyone's presidential ambitions.

Clearly, the millions of people who have trouble paying their student loans have been lead to believe their degree was valued by the market and it would be worth taking out loans to get a degree.

Universities know what they are doing.

This is fraud.

At the very least, all non-university level programs should be cancelled, so that nothing like this sub-prime degree situation happens again.

That is what a leader has to tell the public.

Only then can you start to talk about handling student debts.

There should be a way for persons interested in a particular field to get validation for their independent course of study, structured, as they see fit. An accurate record of what they studied should suffice.  Both private study and private validation of one's studies would be 90% cheaper than today's education, which is dominated by WASPs and Jews anyways. That would benefit current students.


Understanding Student Debt

All current student debt is either owed to the government or to banks. If the Congress wants to discharge the debts owed to the government it is free to do so.  If it wants to bail out the banks for failed student loans it is free to do so.

Let's not mask the real issue.

Loan forgiveness benefits the banks who have subprime loans of students with subprime degrees.

That is a crisis that should be solved at the root, and not the band-aid level. 

Bernie Sanders doesn't do that. He wants to tax security trade transactions.  This will reduce the volume of trades and thus, his expected revenue from these transactions can't possibly be what he expects to bring in to cover what he is giving out for free. You would think a smart white Jew, like him, would know that.

Below is video from TYT Ana Kasparian who, on the one hand, wants federal student loans cancelled, but then wants the government to make student loans because private loans would have higher interest rates. Then she says, nothing makes college affordable. These are just some of the contradictions that, routinely, present themselves from free-stuffists. This free-stuff addiction is a mental illness and gets tiresome.

The trigger over this is just a number. Student loan debts reached $1.6 trillion. How much does the public pay in taxes in a 20 trillion economy? Student debt is spread out over millions of people and is paid over several years (20 trillion x number of years).  Why be zonked out over a number? Not every person owes that amount and some people don't owe anything.  The fixation on equality,  the fever for equality, drives these some people up the wall. These are the last people who should have influence over public policy.

College isn't for everyone. Everything that can be done to avoid college should be done, so that you can have an adult life without getting trapped into going to college, until you are 40, which is what the system wants. This is part of infantilizing people from cradle to grave.

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