How could the US fall apart?

Some people may not believe that the US would fall apart into regions. However, it doesn't matter what the majority, currently, thinks or feels. It's what they think and feel in the future.

Secondly, the British Empire was dissolved by the empire's arch imperialists, the Rhodes Mafia, and particularly, Lionel Curtis. While Cecil Rhodes wanted to "put all habitable lands" under English stinkfoot, this agenda was abandoned, less than a decade after, his death. It's incredible.

Just as the British were planning to exterminate 20 million Germans to deny them self-government, they were working furiously to get the Indians to adapt self-government.

Thirdly, the ruling scum of America has already signaled it has had enough of America as it is. 


How do we know?

Trump won.  The ruling scum wanted him to win and he was positioned to win for decades. If you are on Oprah being asked about running for president, you are being groomed to be a president; and if you see Trump on Oprah you are being groomed to think of Trump as a president.

Donald Trump represents a repudiation of all the politically-correct mantras the establishment has been pushing for the last 40 years. He is the anti-PC. He is the Jewish nation-wrecker. He isn't about "a kinder gentler nation." He isn't "a uniter, not a divider." He isn't here to overcome a dark racist past. He wants to open up those wounds and salt them.

These phony efforts to impeach him or oust him are a joke. They are meant to keep democrats; who were given every reason to think Hillary was going to win, and pushed to the edge of insanity over this last election, and who were seething mad at the outcome; pacified with sugarplums of impeachment dancing in their head. Q serves the same function for the right that wants something done about the child-eaters lurking in the swamp.

Like Mitt Romney who threw the election to Obama, Hillary Clinton threw the election to Trump. Just what was the deal with her health problems? Was she dying? Why not address the issue? Why did she collapse on September 11, 2016? It was a fiasco that fanned the flames of death knocking at Clinton's door. She was like Ms. Ballbreaker from Porkies out to cut everyone's balls off. Can you win an election with that as a dominant personality trait? What makes AOC powerful is that she can bake cookies and wiggle her ass. She's unstoppable. That's why conservatives go nuts with her. She doesn't have permanent horrible traits to demonize.


What comes next?

We need to read the signals of the ruling scum.

The mass shootings are staged events with laughable characters like Coroner Carver and Beto O'Rourke, people who can't stop laughing at the events. Some people call this duping delight.  I interpret this as people who have an honest mind overall, who can't believe the absurdity of what they are asked to shill for, and can't help but burst out laughing at it. We laugh at the absurd. 

The phony mass shooting in New Zealand included disappearing shell casings, car windows that didn't blow out when shot, planted magazines with the shooters markings, fake spray blood, and other fishy facts. We know it's a fake event staged for alterior purposes.

Most importantly, the fake shooter had a manifesto with the Black Sun and values, exactly, the same as, Renegade Tribune.  

Since the shooting is staged by the government and its affliates, and since they are using Renegade Tribune's values and logo, they are trying to shitwash these values by assocating them with a fake shooting. 

This means that the ruling scum reads Renegade Tribune.




Logo used by the New Zealand FAKE shooter.


The good thing about this is that we have an informal line of communication with them.

They read Renegade Tribune.

We read their manifestos!


So, what does the ruling scum's latest manifesto have to say?


"The idea of deporting or murdering all non-white Americans is horrific. Many have been here at least as long as the whites, and have done as much to build our country. The best solution to this for now would be to divide America into a confederacy of territories with at least one territory for each race. This physical separation would nearly eliminate race mixing and improve social unity by granting each race self-determination within their respective territory(s)."


If we read the tea leaves, correctly, the ruling scum signals "thumbs up!" for breaking the USG into regions.


DISSOLVE_DC  003.png



No other candidate is positioned to break up the US empire in a benevolent way.


The ruling scum are clearly the British...who work their ways through their hired guns the Jews.


Do you really think that MI5 or MI6 would let pimp Jeffery Epstein near Prince Andrew?

Robert Maxwell was a British soldier.

gHISlaine Maxwell was Epstein's handler.

Israel is a British colony.

If Epstein works for Israel's mossad, he works for Mossad-6.

Once you watch the Ferris Bueller as Prime Minister David Cameron video, you can't help but ask, "Does the British government even exist?" or is it that scripted, down to the taste and interests of, the Prime Minister? How could this, evidently, be happening?

Is the British Government just a theater troupe with an army? Is it a secret society with an army?

No matter what, it ought to be dissolved.

All of these videos demand an answer. Who in the world can answer it?



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