I like the term the RULING SCUM.

It, intuitively, tells you that the ruling scum has no legitimacy.

People use the term, "the powers that be," but that lacks punch and invective.

The powers that be might deserve to be the powers that be.

Since no one believes that, the term RULING SCUM is superior.

Some people call it the ruling class. They are a ruling class, but class they lack.

They are the RULING SCUM: disloyal, disgusting, degenerate, demented, demonic.

A ruling class sounds appealing. Who doesn't want to be part of the ruling class?

Who wants to be part of the RULING SCUM?

Likewise, the term "elite" or "hostile elite" is often used.

If these are elite, then elites deserve to rule, to guide society, and we should see an upward path.

Unfortunately, we see a downward path in culture and politics because we don't have an elite.

We have a RULING SCUM.

It takes true scumbags to manage the two-faced masonic theocracy/Zionist theocracy.

It takes true scumbags to give out subprime mortgages, package them into shit-bonds, and then when defaults rise, claim "frozen markets," when people don't buy the stinking rotting fish.  That's what they did, and the ruling scum bailed itself out with $700 billion in bailouts.

Are you going to let the ruling scum get away with that?

The ruling scum is so dominant that few voices opposed what was going on.

The truth is the ruling scum does not respect you.  You need to get respect.

Don't stop shotting, until they respect you.

That's the lesson of history.

The rich have an infinite capacity for degeneracy and infinite methods for sheltering themselves from the consequences: homes around the world, gated communities, body guards, toadies. 

That is why you need Hitler...to discipline the RULING SCUM.



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