Today marks the 80th Anniversary of the beginning of Adolf Hitler’s successful EVICTION of Poland out of Prussia. Today shall also be the beginning of the end of the malicious atrocity propaganda that constitute the history of the war and its anti-German and anti-nationalist takeaway because today I officially launch my presidential campaign after months of fine tuning.

Communism fell 75 years after its launch. 

September 2019 marks 74 years or 888 months, since the bloody end of WWII and the beginning of all the deranged cultural non-sense built on the axiom of Hitler-hate.  It is much easier to repudiate atrocity propaganda than it is to take down the Soviet Union, but atrocity propaganda is more pernicious and permeates the culture in media, textbooks. Regardless, the lies of history should not last more than the life of mass murder communism.

Just as communist slavery destroyed the spirit, spirit-destroying FAKE history, too, will fall. We must make it a point that it falls this year and a presidential campaign is the vehicle to do that. The school year is just starting.

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