A video recommend came in my feed about a body language review of a guy named Bob Lazar whose story is that he was an amateur tech guy who was asked by the the military to study an alien space craft. 

A critical part of his story is that this alien craft used a special element to power itself and overcome gravity. If the element is a hoax, the story is a hoax.

Besides that, the first thing to wonder about these things is, how are these aliens able to traverse the universe only to crash on earth with their craft intact. 


1. super intelligent life traverses the universe

2. hapless alien crashes on earth

3. intact craft available to study


All of this is very convenient and necessary to get the story off the ground.

The body language video is very convincing, in that, it claims Lazar's story is honest. Even his scientific claims sound interesting and plausible at some level. It seems like the first alien story you could believe in.

However, it is never explained how someone who has high level security clearances can speak about this material without legal consequence. He does suffer intimidation, but he is never prosecuted. However convincing his honesty appears to be, why wasn't the law ever invoked to shut him up? This is another red flag, like the basic story of super intelligent aliens crashing on earth. Lazar talks about a craft without wires and almost no moving parts. How will such a craft have a mechanical breakdown to crash?

The alien tech is too good to crash.

Why is this guy not prosecuted? Because he is most likely a dupe who was fed some cool stuff to get him going and because the masonic theocracy government wants his story out there now that NASA is discredited, its story of landing masons on the moon is discredited, and NOAA's (NOAH) global warming claims are discredited. They need to keep the alien story alive in the public mind.

This would fit the story of people like Ronald Reagan wanting the world to come together under the threat of aliens.  The world government crowd needs this more than ever as even the Al Queda terrorist narrative has fallen apart under public scrutiny.

It is difficult to understand how any group of scientists could work with a craft without wires, and yet fly it by remote control. What's the interface? And how does the signal reach the vehicle, when it is inside its own gravity-wrap? Most likely, the government was pulling this guy's leg, giving him a virtual reality experience which makes him convincing, and then not prosecuting him because he didn't reveal any real tech.  Rather, he was the tech. The well-duped man. The man influenced by the power of suggestion, as millions are when they see a rocket fly off to the horizon (and into the ocean rocket dump). They never see more than that with their own eyes. Everything else is suggestion.

Drama and suggestion are two keys to manipulating the popular mind. The more dramatic, the larger and more unifying the influence; which increases social pressure on the outliers. 

I found a refutation video on a December 2018 documentary-character.

His new docu-buddy Jeremy Corbell kept mentioning "weaponize." 

He wanted to weaponize curiosity. Isn't an odd phrase? 

From the video above, we already have our link to curiosity and Marie Curie.


What is it about the word weaponize?

Let's do the gematria.




Note the 51 of WEAPONIZE, as in, Area 51. 

Note the 39 of weaponize that links to the 39 of UFO.

Weaponize UFO.

The character here is Lazar as in lazar weapon?




We have another hit on 51.

Lazar had a prostitution conviction and was sentenced to 150 hours.

In gematria zeroes drop, so we get a 15 as in UFO again.


This is a story about UFOs, Area 51, and a mysterious element 115. 

What kind of element is this?





Two significant people in Lazar's life are his wife Joy White (as in masonic black and white) and George Knapp.




We see the 115 in both names linking to masonic.

We also see a 47 as in 47 degrees of the compass of the masonic square and compass, as in Building 7 and its 47 stories.






Element 115 is known today as moscovium.



Element 115 was once known as ununpentium.





And originally, element 115 was known as E115. 

E is the 5th letter. Thus,


This gives us a link between 51 and 115, a link between this Area 51 and element 115.

Inside 5115 is a 15, as in, UFO.

Moscovium was officially named in '15.


In the process of naming element 115, it was suggested that it be named langevinium, after Marie Curie's gigalo, and doctoral student, Paul Langevin.

The link to Marie Curie (mercury) is disconcerting as to the element's authenticity.

Langevin was an anti-fascist.




ANTIFA = 51.

By 39 it is connected to weaponize. Antifa is a weapon by the ruling scum.


Finally, moscovium has the symbol MC. 

MC = 11.

On its side, the M is taken as a 3 and C is the 3rd letter. So, we get a 33 with a value of 11.

11 and 33. As we see is so many other fiction stories.

Incidently Bob Lazar comes from Robert Scott Lazar.  Robert can give you Bob or Rob.

ROBERT = 33. 



What are the odds of all these links?

We have fishy facts, fishy numbers, and fishy links to masonry and other masonic stories of elements and alchemy and other operations, such as, alien invasion.

That is not to say there aren't flat earth aliens, i.e., coneheads, as we see among the Paracus skulls and the masonic Egyptian pharaohs who are the inspiration for all this masonic bullshit.

Big Bang says the universe is 13.7 billion years old.  The 33rd prime number is 137.


Here are some other links on the occult influence on science suggesting fake nukes.


Oppenheimer and Vishnu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tge8ZzEcujg

Gravitation versus Levitation:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-0h6X5xTvA

Big Bang and the Cosmic Egg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY_nPe-1tAw

Transforming a Square into a Globe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UYl_yniwPQ







"The new boson couldn't be mistaken for one of its existing counterparts as it has a particularly distinctive mass – 17 megaelectronvolts (or roughly 33 times that of an electron). They also don't live very long, lasting just 10 to the minus 14 seconds. 

The team wanted to replicate their theory of a possible fifth force governed by a new boson but shifted focus from beryllium to helium nuclei, in which pairs of electrons and positrons also separated at an angle that didn't align with current modelling (115 degrees). 

By reverse-engineering their observations, the team posit that the helium's nucleus could also have produced a short-lived boson with a mass of roughly, you guessed it, 17 megaelectronvolts – hence its name name X17. "

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