It's hard to believe polls that signal the major numbers of masonry time and again.

These numbers are 11, 17, 22, 33, 44, 45, 47, 58, 59. 


MASON = 17


The Green New Deal is supposed to cost $1.7 trillion.

Reparations to blacks is supposed to cost $17 trillion.


Here are two pollls that have these numbers.  This poll is one Trump's approval rating and this one the threat of white nationalism. Both come from The Hill.

Would I trust those polls?  No.

Staged and subjective numbers, things which are massagable, thing with masonic pop up numbers are  tributes to masonry and its pencant for number-worship with its origins in geometry and gematria.


"The perceived white nationalist threat among Republicans increased from 17 percent to 22 percent."

"One-third of voters [33%] said they blame Trump “a lot” for mass shootings, which is an 11-point increase from a poll last year. "  There's the 11-33 reference.  

Jew = 11

Jews killed Jesus at 33.

There are 33 bones in the spine. Skull and Bones.

"a 12-point jump among independents, from 33 percent to 45 percent."  Trump is the 45th president.

MOON = 51

MARY = 51

A lot of 51 has been popping up in recent stories. This is excusable in a poll since 50-50 is controversy.

What about 61.  Jesus = 61.  The limo hoax happened on 10-6-18, which is 6-10 non-Anglo countries. This dropping zeroes as is the practice gives a gematria number of 61.  The limo crash happened 61 days before Andrew Cuomo's 61st birthday, and 6 months and 10 days before the Notre Dame arson by masonic-wasp elements.  Recall they said bees survived the fire. Masons and mormons make a big stink about bees.

If you think about the odds of most common numbers in a poll, there is probably a spread of 20 numbers. Each one has a 5 percent chances of coming up.  Every time a masonic number (or a coded number relevant to the story) comes up it is not random, but pushed, designed, meant as a tribute.

If you have 10 numbers to talk about and the takeaway lines are masonic, it is probably a fake poll.

The probabilities tell the truth more often than not.

Fake news. Fake history. Fake science. Fake states. Fake polls.



Isn't it interesting that Jeffery Epstein was a teacher at the Dalton School, and is "known for its diversity."

Harvard is known for its diversity; it accepts Jews from all around the world.

How is it that one high school produces so many fishy characters?

If you think everyone has a fair shot in this meritocracy, great.

Just don't pawn off that bullshit on your kids. It's child abuse.

If you can trace the largest fraction of the most prominent people in the country to 30 high schools,  you have a network running America, not a meritocracy. These are the influencers, gatekeepers, and controllers. Most people don't know the names of the special schools. The connected know and they, most likely, get paid out of the CIA black budget.





Here's another called the Beattles school...with a bee in a pentagon for a logo...which was the inspiration for the Dalton School. The supposed trans-model Cara Delevingne went there.

Bedales School


Badley took a non-denominational approach to religion and the school has never had a chapel: its relatively secular teaching made it attractive in its early days to non-conformists, agnostics, Quakers, Unitarians and liberal Jews, who formed a significant element of its early intake. The school was also well known and popular in some Cambridge and Fabian intellectual circles with connections to the Wedgwoods, Darwins, Huxleys, and Trevelyans. Books such as A quoi tient la supériorité des Anglo-Saxons? and L'Education nouvelle popularised the school on the Continent, leading to a cosmopolitan intake of Russian and other European children in the 1920s.


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