Why does man need meaning?

Man can’t eat, shit, fuck, and die with peace of mind.

There’s a need for this daily action to add up.

There’s a need for something more.

No one wants to die.

So, we have two pressures. Fear of death and a need for life to mean something.

Without an answer, we are stuck in a no-man's land between fear of death and fear of life; where fear dominates and drug-use flourishes.


What can solve these two problems?

In National Socialism, we reincarnate into and out of the Volk and work for its eternal life. This is a beautiful and clean solution.

Other options are to focus on a religion without a people (Catholicism) or to focus on a materialistic people without a future (Judaism).  Christianity doesn't have a thing against reincaration, except, a bias crowned in dogma. If the natural and inherent indestructibility of the soul is true, what do you need a savior for? There's no need to save your soul. There's a need to save your people.

Likewise, the Hindus and Buddhists do not address a specific people, as far as, we know. They do have reincarnation, but karma and nirvana complicates what is a natural process with moralism (karma) and non-volk purpose (individual nirvana). Both disconnect a person from his volk. This undermines the vitality of the people and their struggle for survival.  To give into karma and destiny, resignation, is lethal in life.

As Rudel said, "You are never lost, so long as, you never give up on yourself."

Nature takes the path of least resistence. Nature would avoid anything that gums up the process of reincarnation. Nature serves the vitality of life. What makes man different from animals is that man has no instinct for species-serving behavior. He has to have will power and culture (law, religion, art, and duty-philosophy) that serves his Volk.

The National Socialist perspective is natural and intuitive, short and sweet, beautiful and clean. It serves our spirit and our volk, man and his people, his needs in life and his needs upon death.

We reincarnate into and out of the volk; we endure the struggle without metaphysical angst; we fight to the death, if need be; and we do it again in the next life. This is really the ancient Germanic perspective per Tacitus with Hitler’s sense of struggle for the eternal life of the Volk. This is the best of Germanic folkwisdom and it stands the test of time.

Germans had a honor-bound, duty-serving, volk-serving culture. It's imbedded in the language, in literature, and philosophy; "buildung" (pdf)....in contrast to, South African,"biltong."  It's a volk-serving, volk-saving culture.  They've done everything they can to eradicated the German and his culture, but here he is.

The National Socialist approach is most in tune with nature and nature's rules of the game.

We get meaning from the people we serve.

Our ancestors and our posterity are us.

Money comes and goes, businesses come and go, governments and empires come and go, even people come and go, but the volk itself remains. The Volk is the absolute we must cherish and preserve for all of this to work. The Volk is transcendent. That gives the struggle of life its meaning. We benefit from our ultimate sacrifice.  We are never poor, if we are rich in blood. This is what revitalized Germany in the hyper-inflation and pauperization and starvation imposed by genocidal foreigners. All the great men are in our blood. We just have to let them out.

The enemies want the simplicity, peace of mind, and profundity of National Socialism hidden from the public under a mountain of atrocity propaganda.  We only have to let it out.


Does guru Marianne Williamson have a swift answer to the meaning of life?

She's a Jew selling a box of rocks to fill your soul.

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