American football has almost nothing to do with feet, whereas soccer is 100% a game of the foot.

Football is about throwing and catching and the use of hands, more so, even than baseball, which involves bats and gloves, as intermediaries.

Basketball revolves around the basket. That makes sense.

Just as Americans have changed calling Negroes to calling them blacks or African Americans or Afro-Americans, the same can and must happen, with regards to, masonic theocracy games.

The American game misnamed as "football" should reflect the shape of the ball itself.

As such, football must be now be called vesica piscis.



Masonic America plays three games affliated with the three shapes of the vesica piscis. The Washington Monument sits in a vesica piscis.


If this is unsuitable, the term WAR BALL reflects the spirit of the game and its propaganda function for the zionist war machine.

How sacred is "sacred geometry," if it is the origin of warball?

This allows us to retire the name soccer, and adopt the universal term of football for football.




Masonry is intoxicated with the notion that it makes "good men better."  What a gas!

Recall that David Duke was a grand wizard of the KKK, was affiliated with the FBI, and is now a Zionist. 

The KKK is directly afilliated with masonry. Masonry is directly affliated with zionism.

David Duke's zionism is completely congruent with KKK masonry.

Does my campaign help you see things anew?

Does any other presidential candidate want you to see reality?

Who is the torch in your hand in America's haunted house?


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