Treachery deserves public execution.

If our public officials know these shooting hoaxes are hoaxes and pursue legislation on the basis of hoaxes, or use them to grandstand for office, they are engaging in treachery.

Treachery deserves death.

You can't have a society run on hoaxes.  It is a total breach of the public trust.

Those who breach the public trust are public enemies.

The only way to deter and banish public enemies is by death penalty.

How can the ruling scum of our masonic-zionist theocracy, even imagine, they can get away with this?

Here is an laughing admission from Beto O'Rourke that shows he is part of the ruling scum. He knows that the mass shooting in El Paso is a hoax.

Not only are Buttplug and Booker disqualified because they are Rhodes scholars (sent from Britain to hijack our money, media, and military for their purposes of empire), but skateboy Beto is also disqualified for his laugh-admission of a hoax.


Video in the link:

Another good story from Renegade Tribune.


Too bad The Young Turks, who can find white supremacy in a Dixie cup, haven't brought that to light.


In fact, if Beto is pretending it's a hoax, so is the dirty old occultist Donald Trump. 

Progressives won't use that angle and expose this hoax and blow it wide open because the narrative of white supremacy is too tasty to dig deeper. And yet, if Trump is lying to the nation of mass shoottings to advance surveillance, or anything else, he is engaging in treachery.

Democrats don't want Trump removed from office.  They want to feel good, just like to dolt right that liked the feeling of, sending that colored girl AOC back to where she came from...US Puerto Rico.

There's a reason why the ruling scum rules.

Biden and Bernie are toast. They are just one heart palpitation from withdrawing.

Lots of B's in the beehive of this masonic theocracy.

"The B's are dying" as the meme goes or ought to die. 

Don't they die in winter every year anyways?

Who is the Queen Bee?

WASP Warren or Mama Kamala or Tootsi the Zionist?

The US government is ALREADY in the hands of the masonic stealth government operators and they have locked this place down. That's why they can field these puppets with no opposition.



Look who is unqualified to be president:


1.  CFR Tootsi Gabbard:

CFR Tulsi [link a] 

13 reasons you should never trust Tulsi  [link b]

Tulsi the Transformer[link c] 


2. Bernie in the Woodshed

Video of RUDE Bernie screaming "shut up!" at Vermonters concerned with zionist israel

Zionist Bernie Sanders is no friend of Gentiles Bernie is no peace candidate. He supported military action in some 15 places.

Cabin Talk rejects Bernie Sanders. He took the dive for Hillary.


3. Rhodes Mafia member Corey Booker carries Big Jew on his back.

No wonder Corey Booker can't win the  black vote.






The above youtube video was deleted. Like every other website builder, there is no description of what the website was about or who created it. Just a blank. This is a tort to all who seek information and those who hope to preserve or expand information.  The public has a right to know about their public officials.

Youtube needs to be smashed for the damage it does. It's actions violate the spirit of the internet and our political freedom. The law should bring its principles to justice.

The law is what is best for the community, not what is best for youtube.


It turns out BETO is for a homo-dictatorship, where everyone loses their constitutional rights, if they don't support homosexuals and transsexuals marriage.

Like Poland, the ruling scum turns homos into sacred cows. They really don't care about homos. They want to use them as a pretext for a trashist dictatorship.

Says, Beto, “There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break, for anyone or any institution, any organization in America that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us.”

Whether churches should have tax-exemptions is a different issue, but the goal is to get their hands on the spoils of the churches, real-estate.




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