Do the people of continental Europe (and the Irish) have more in common with the black and browns, than with WASPS and Jews? I'd say so.

WASPs and Jews haven't been devastated by communism, or war, or zionism, or famine-engineered, or hyper-inflation engineered by the WASP-Jew ruling scum.

Politics is about re-alignments. An alignment of Gentiles versus Jews (and WASP-Jews) isolates the ruling scum. That restores our spiritual and material peoplehood.

How can benevolent person be fond of the USG, when it aided and abetted the Soviet Union and the mass rape and slavery of Europe? Europe was first, but not the last continent to be devastated by the communist monster feed by Wall Street and London. A government that is responsible for the creation and furtherance of the Soviet Union is as malevolent and communist as it can get.

The USG should be given a capital sentence and dissolved.

The USG is too dangerous to exist.

With all the fake shootings and staged operations, it is not a benevolent force in our lives, but a tool of the ruling scum to destroy the peoples.

We don't need to be emotionally-attached to the preservation of our enemy, or its flag.  We need to care about our own and the USG is not our own. Its father is the devil, the ruling scum, the Jews and the WASPs who use it to destroy nation after nation.

Is it a wonder that AOC's Chief of Staff had a shirt of the Indian nationalist Bose who once met Hitler?

Here is another Indian at a clothing store.


[Here is a Haaretz that shows how popular Hitler is in India.]


Isn't it interesting that a progressive and a national socialist can work with AOC?

An infinite circle becomes a line.

Here is an 1993 interview with General Otto Remer that helps us understand why Adolf Hitler is a hero to the people of the "Third World."


Rami: How do you evaluate the Gulf War?

Remer: What is being called “the Gulf War” was no war or battle. There were no important land, air, or sea fights. What took place there was a barbaric slaughter in the form of a onesided attack. To illustrate the opposite: when Argentina occupied the Falkland Islands, Great Britain carried on a war for their recovery, but not for the slaughter of the Argentinean population.

The USA on the contrary did not intervene to liberate Kuwait, as they alleged, but solely for the purpose of destroying Iraq; to destroy the Iraqi army, the Iraqi state, the Iraqi civilian population and the Iraqi infrastructure and economy. After the “war” and after the “liberation,” the USA made their purpose public: the economic, technological, industrial reconstruction of Iraq must be prevented during the next centuries.




Here is a good article from ( on how the US is not a nation and never was.

There are too many racial groups for it to be a nation; where a nation is blood-related people.

Secondly, the US is not a nation of creed. No common creed exists today.

We are not a nation of blood or creed; yet we can't live without a nation for all the social and spiritual attributes a nation gives us.

As USians of America are constructed, our bonds are paper, where, at best, we are a country of consumers with an official ID, and even then...the system is a joke. 

Once all that can be consumed is eaten up, it all falls down.

If we are to have healthy nations, we must begin by dissolving the US into our map.

We can't be lowest-common denominator consumers forever.

We need to cultivate the future in our image. That demands the power to do so and the end of the main obstacle that keeps us dehumanized and denationed.



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