Here is the "tree of life" motif from Kabbalah, embedded in the JFK assassination and the Twin Towers, prior to two massive masonic rituals. Courtesy of schism206.






The United States government is a MASONIC THEOCRACY.

George Washington was a mason.

Five British kings were masons.

Five founders of mormonism were masons.


Hitler OUTLAWED masonry.


The masonic faction controlled 33% of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention.

Two grand masters of masonry helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence.

Every administration has a masonic president or a vice-president, unless, it was a member of Skull and Bones or a Pharaoh.

The masonic establishment fashioned Barack Obama as an American Pharaoh (I stick to what Obama does, as theatrics, not the DNA claims).






What is masonry?



MASONRY is a two-faced religion that demands Zionist world domination.

That is why the US and the British empires (WASPDOM) support the fake-state of Israel.




"Despite statements to the contrary, Masonry is a religion." -Manly P. Hall (33rd degree mason).


Masonry is a two-faced religion that seeks to deceive those who deserve to be deceived.




“Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light from them and to draw them away from it." -Albert Pike Morals and Dogma. p.104-5.

The job of the INVERTERS is to invert the truth, sexuality, values, society, and the natural order.

The job of the "illuminati" is to conceal the truth; to bring darkness to the mind and confusion to the world.

The US capitol sounds like WASHINGTON DECEIVE.


How can we have a healthy society with a government run by those whose religion is to deceive?




You can't change anything in this country, if you don't acknowledge the masonic system that dominates you.

Masonry is a genocidal monstrocity that should be eradicated from influence on the government.

The first step is to acknowledge its existence.





Masonry claims to make good men better.



Hitler OUTLAWED freemasonry.

"The Constitution is just a piece of paper." -George W. Bush, Skull and Bones

The Washington Monument has 6660 inches or 555 feet.

George Bush, Jr. started the Iraq war 555 days after 9-11-01.


Bush had an interest in the Texas Rangers.

Masonic baseball is America's national game.


Square and Compass design.

Jackie Robinson broke the colored-barrier. 

Baseball gave him the number #42.

What's a 42?

In Gematria, NIGGER  = 42.

Hitler OUTLAWED freemasonry.


MASON = 61.

In 1961, Roger Maris hit 61 home runs.

Is baseball, and all pro-balls, rigged?


Mitt Romney said that 47% of the public would, automatically, vote for Obama in a "leaked" video.

He said it three times. (47+47+47 = 11+11+11 = 33)

Mitt Romney finished with 47% of the 2012 vote.

Building 7 had 47 stories.







Psychological Warfare and Controlling Access to Information

From a practical point of view, masonry is a shellgame of shifting meanings that mean nothing. Its only point is power. 




There is not one spiritual truth or genuine secret that can benefit the average person, but knowing masonry can help you detect masonic activity, which aims to deceive and exploit the public, by controlling their access to information. Thus, you can blunt its pernicious influence on your spirit. Every fake shooting or staged terrorist attack is meant to stress you and depress you and your confidence in community, to break you down and isolate you, to break down and destroy your ethnos.




The public ONLY  knows that Barrack Obama reported that bin Laden's body was dumped into the ocean, but they cannot confirm that report.

If a report can't be verified, you can't accept it.   That is the only way to survive in a masonic theocracy.

You need to be precise in your thinking to get the truth.

Barack Obama reported the death of bin Laden 3 months and 3 weeks before his birthday. 33.

The Queens crash of November 12, 2001 was reported crashed in the Rockaways, 101 days after Obama's birthday in 2001. By the rules of gematria, zeroes don't count, thus 101 reduces to 11.  Here we get the 11 and 33.

There are 33 bones in the spine.

11 ribs remained after the Bible monster ripped one out of Adam to make Eve.

Skull and bones. These are tribute numbers for masonic rituals that come up again and again.






When deception is the masonic means of war, what counts is not truth, but what people think is the truth.

Thus, controlling access to information is necessary to have "full spectrum dominance." 

That is why MASONIC google and MASONIC youtube censor truth by first smearing it as hate and banning it.

There is no such thing as hate. Hate does not exist. There is thought. Thought exists. We are supposed to have freedom of thought.

And if hate exists, since when is it wrong to hate your enemies?

If enemies exist, we have a duty to hate them and destroy them. Those who really run our country feel that way about us.

This is how our government works.



The politics of this country was founded by British cults and is run by British cults: Quakers, Puritans, Masons, Roscrusians, Skull and Bones, and Mormons, predominantly. These are all British intelligence operations. These operatives use arbitrary constructs between themselves and "lesser" peoples not in the know; this reveals a conflict between criminals (insectoids) versus their deceived victims (the Gentile races).

Masons regard non-masons as "profane." Mormons (Englishmen) regard non-Mormons as Gentiles.  These Englishmen, imply, that they are Jews. Other pseudo-religious groups use the term "elect," "adept." They aim to create and exploit information asymmetry to win power and money.  These information parasites concoct fake events that cause people to react in predictable ways that allows them to profit.

Just as the American Indians were misnamed by Colombus, it seems that the English are not Anglo-Saxons, but that the Angles and Saxons who settled in Briton were killed off in the Great Harrowing after the Norman Invasion, but the name Anglo-Saxon stuck to the new people.

There are deep links between the English and the Jews that would horrify the public.  Jews and Englishmen are the only two groups that go by insectoid monikers: WASPs and Termites. Why do you suppose that is?

With enough investigation, you will find that they are cousin groups joined at the hip, one race with two coneheads.

Masonry is a two-faced religion.

There's a reason why they don't teach masonry in school, or astro-theology, or strategic thinking, or gematria, or kabbalah, even though our country is engulfed by cults from its founding days to its present day.



Here is dirty old occultist Donald Trump "activating" an illuminated globe.



Donald Trump admitted in one of his books that he has a Kabbalah teacher. 




As orange as can be.


ORANGE = 33.

ORANGEMAN needed Kabbalah lessons to be president.

MASON = 17

Q is the 17th letter.

The Qtards think Trump is going to save them with our phony military.


Masonry came out of the closet of London, England, in 1717.

Traitor John McCain was reported dead 17 years after September 11, 2001 and 17 days before September 11, 2018.  1717.

Barbara Bush was reported dead on the 107 day of the year, the 17th of April, 2018. Zeroes drop in gematria. 1717.


Masons in power. Monuments to masons. Masonic symbols everywhere. Tributes to masonic numbers.

America was founded by cults; cults all the way down.

Recall that patents expire 17 years after issue. Why that number? Now you know.





There is no need to believe in a literal satan to see that our masonic theocracy is the Great Satan.



The US military's commissioned officers are masons going back to George Washington.


1) Thirty-three of Washington's generals were masons.

2) "Every command there were masons."

3) Albert Pike was a general and a mason.

4) More here.

dc pentagrams.jpg






When you need something most, and it is not there, it is unreliable.

The US military wasn't there on September 11th, 2001.

The US military is UNRELIABLE.


"All US Masonic lodges are to this day warranted by the British Crown, whom they serve as a global intelligence and counterrevolutionary subversion network."

How can you have a reliable military, if it is infested with the British, their masons, or their Israelis? 

Who had the power to do September 11th, 2001 and shut down a normal reaction in the US military?



The "white zionist" masonic theocracy claims to have landed MASONS ON THE MOON!

masonic nasa towers.PNG



How perfect is that?

If Newton's laws are correct that you need two entities and a force to create an equal and opposite reaction, then space travel is a contradiction in terms.

There's NOTHING to push against. SPACE travel is a contradiction in terms. Space implies conventential rocket acceleration against NOTHING.

On earth, a rocket pushes against 14 psi. In water a rocket is called a torpedo and can push against the water. In space it can't push against anything.

There is no way to accelerate in space. You can't break on black ice, you spin out of control.

Quaker Nixon lied about landing masons on the moon.

Even if space existed, you couldn't accelerate in it. That's Newton's Law.

NASA means deceive in Hebrew, like masonry itself.

You can see there are plenty of examples to suggest, and conclude that we have a unique type of theocracy going.

Masons don't want you to believe in masonry.

They want you to believe in their official stories that manipulate the public.

When you challenge their official stories, they fire you and, perhaps, kill you.







There's a difference between freemasonry and National Socialism. 

National Socialism affirmed the eternal life of the Germanic people. It aimed for Germanic PRESERVATION.

This means marginalizing degeneracy for the health, strength, and beauty of the volk.

A farmer must breed excellence with excellence to bring out the best in breed.

The public must know the virtue of good breeding to keep the volk strong.

Women must sperm up on the best sperm. In an agricultural society, this is intuitive.

It is very difficult to argue with the wisdom of volk-teleology (volk-serving action).

This is embedded in nature and results in species survival. When volk-serving action is impaired or outlawed a people are destroyed.


Just as an infinite circle becomes a line, the ruinous crusade to destroy National Socialism has become America's rape and genocide of continental Europeans.


Masonry came out of the Kabbalistic "enlightenment." 

Masonry aims to PERFECT man, but not in the way you think.

The aim of "perfection" is to reach god, the monad.


Masonry demands man's EXTINCTION to reach god.

In a masonic society, homosexuality and gender dysphoria are pushed on the people and promoted in schools through masonic shock troops and rent-a-mobs; just as, communism was boiling under the reign of the czar.



Hitler OUTLAWED masonry.






Masonry has a metaphysical view of "evolution" based on the tree pillars of the Kabbalah tree. Out of one come many, and out of many one.

That is the motto of the United States.

"Out of many one."

Out of two sexes one sex.

Out of many races one race.

"Out of many one" has a double meaning. In a two-faced masonic theocracy, it is a reference to the Kabbalah tree which goes from monad to monad, rebis to rebis.

Jews, like the Chabbadniks that surround Trump and Putin, believe that Adam and Eve were a two-headed creature on one body with a dick and pussy called a REBIS.


two faced tranny masonry.PNG

The Rebis: two-headed, two-faced, two-sexed creature created in the image of god, according to the Jews. That's the original Adam and Eve, they say. That's where you came from Christians. Better that than a monkey, right? I kid. Evolution debunked, itself, with the notion of "punctuated" evolution.


Masons believe that man came from a rebis and will evolve to become a rebis once again.

This is why masonry promotes transsexuality.


On the other hand, Blavatsky said that this would take eons, millions of years. Masons want it now! How? Through alchemy!

Alchemy is the transformation of heterosexual man into the two-sex organed REBIS, mimicked by the castrated man.

The hermaphrodite becomes the Philosophers Stone. Stone masonry. Masonry.

The great work of masonry is this transformation of man into rebis.




The fertile man becomes a castrated man wearing his apron. The fertile woman becomes a barren woman.

This is why masonry is dysgenic lunacy that spells the end of heterosexuals.

National Socialism lead a movement back to the land, back to, "blood and soil."

This PRESERVES man as he is.  Blood and soil rejuvenates man from degeneracy.

Zionist America leads the world "back to the rebis." 

This "PERFECTS" man from his presumed fallen-state of hetersexuality, back to the imaginary rebis of the Bible, which the masons wrote.  When you consider all the refrences to stone and masonry in the Bible ("upon this rock I build my church," stone tablets, Peter, fire and brimestone, "not one stone will be left upon another," a stone roll over the tomb of Jesus) and all the other number, letter, astrological codes, we can be sure the two-faced hands of masonry wrote it.

The rebis is, often, depicted with a square in one hand and a compass in another; meaning that the square and compass is a rebis symbol.

The masonic theocracy is a rebis theocracy.




Jews are known to spell god like g-d.

In gematria, letters have numbers, such as A = 1, B = 2, etc.




They spell god in code as "gd" to show that the Jew is GOD.

From this, you can see that the Buy-Bull is a masonic Jew-serving book that Gentiles believe in, "literally," at their own risk and peril.

Gentiles who want to get closer to god get suckered into Kabballah, which is just, Jewish pseudo-science designed to castrate and exterminate the West in its quest to reach god.  

If 11 is god and if 33 is Jesus, being killed at 33, and the Twin Towers were shaped as 11's and blown up after 33 years, we can see that the demolition of the Twin Towers was a second execution of Jesus at the millenium.

Fundamentally, it was a chance for Jews and masons to ritually crucify Jesus once again after 2000 years. Perfect timing!  

The odd shape of the would in the South Tower is like a spear through the side. It happened in Sagittarius who has a bow and arrow, like Obama the Pharaoh, and symbolized by the Roman soldier who spears Jesus.

As you can see there is plenty of evidence to support the thesis that there is a malevolent masonic theocracy that uses lies and staged terrorism, shootings, and false historical claims to manipulate the public towards enlightenment, transhumanism, singularity, the rebis.

This is the basic refutation of America and the reason why it must be dissolved pronto.