I don't have a television, and haven't used one regularly, since at least 2009.

Though I have heard of Elizabeth Warren, I never heard her speak or watched her in action. All I can say, is that she is a scary WASP bobble-head. There's too much action going on with her. Long flailing arms, jiggling hair, and a head moving all over the place. Something about her doesn't want me to look at her eyes, or else I feel I'll turn to stone. Medusa-Beth Warren.

These things do matter when it comes to impressions. When people can't stand the face of the president, he has lost them and it can't be fixed. I don't think that ever happened in a presidential debate.  

If just 1 percent are turned off by her for reasons of soured-impression, that can make a difference against incumbent Trump.

Charisma results when your talent overwhelms your defects, such as, Arnold Schwarzenegger's physique of strength, overwhelms his funny name, accent, and meathead one-liners. Another example, for some, is the voice of Barbara Quicksand which overwhelms her big Jew nose.

Even Trump the billionaire could ride out scandals that mortal paupers couldn't because "they let you do it," when you are rich and famous.

Charisma doesn't work, if you don't have a visible talent. Hillary Clinton was a mean nasty bitch who was puffed her whole career. I'm afraid Elizabeth Warren doesn't have charisma. She didn't showcase talent.

In that sense, she was the great loser of the debates.

Just as Bernie Sanders is too angry to be president, and Barack Obama always tanked when he came across as angry, Elizabeth Warren comes off as a shaking Clinton.

My talent is as a meme-macher, a meme-maker, the ability to give you the words to win. People pay gold to have the right words in the right moment. To win the presidency with the right memes and messages wins the people.  My little bald head would fade into the background in the expanse of victory.

Little things we can't help are overlooked, a nose, a name, a bald head...if there is huge talent that takes center stage. That is charisma.


Why did they allow themselves to be caught up in an issue over Mitch McConnell? Does that have anything to do with debate politics?

In a proper debate, you ask people to present their three answers to three questions,: why they are running, what is their vision for the country, and how will they beat Trump. There is no time for anything else and nothing else is important. What does the public need to know to make a decision?

Just as Jews are maggots on dead races, they are sand in the gears of merit-situations.

This moderator (((Chuck Todd))) is a plant to make sure no good visions or candidates emerge from the pack. He sat right next to Rhodes Mafia scumbag (((Rachel Maddow))).

Why do Jews or WASP-Jew half-breeds get to ask all the questions?

That debate host slit a hole in the DNC dingy.

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