Democrats must understand the tactics of the ruling scum, especially, the shitwash tactic.

The ruling scum wants no limits on their use of the environment, even though, nature experiences are necessary for us to recharge our batteries, get mentally away from work without the need for drugs and alcohol. Nature restores our souls to health.

What is the best way to shitwash criticism of unlimited nature-wrecking capitalism than to have green-nuts make the craziest claims to discredit them?

In Germany, Greens want open borders to flood the country to oblivion. There were nature-loving Nazis in the 1920s and 1930s who would have despised such a thing. The modern greens have no idea of blood and soil. You can see the modern greens produced by the US FAKE STATE in Germany are designed to shitwash the nature-loving element of National Socialism.   

The same goes on in the United States.  Apparently, the billionaires manufactured eco-nuts who have claimed 42 catastrophes that have not panned out. Zero out of 42.

The ruling scum will use the tactic of shitwashing to undermine criticism of their power or convert criticism into greater power.

Oscar and Nobel prize awardee Al Gore was a scion of an oil company family who is now a carbon credit millionaire.  None of his claims panned out.  We all live under his fart tax.

The best example is the Rothschilds hiring their relative Karl Marx to invent communism. Communism the slavery of Gentiles to Jews. It is done under the banner of workers' liberation run by a dictatorship of the cleaning ladies and bus drivers, as they have in Venezuela.  If you don't want debt slavery (neo-liberalism) you get real gulag slavery breaking rock in Siberia. You get worked to death in bitter cold. No rights. No say.

Hitler fought both types of slavery, gulag slavery and debt slavery.

Neo-liberal America regards Hitler as the most evil man in history. The savior becomes the villain. The ruling scum shitwashings Hitlers fight against slavery with the claim that he gassed .666 of all Jews.  6 million Jews in a 6 year war in 6 Polish death camps. 666.

Like Poland, Jews are the artificial and disposable sacred cow the usurists hide behind. The Rothchilds and British and Wall Street titans hide behind the curtain of the gasacaust hoax.

Likewise, again, we see this Tin-Tin from Sweden Greta.  Tin Tin is her middle name.

LIAR = 32/40

TIN TIN = 32/40


Here comes Tin Tin with her British accent out to de-industrialize Germany and Europe.

Did you know that Tin Tin and her friends are funded though Bill Gates? See the second video below.

She is a CRISIS ACTOR and she is funded through Bill Gates.

Let's get the crazy girls like Tin Tin and AOC to shitwash nature conservation.

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